Rebecca Perl releases her new EP!!

8:30pm, February 27th, 2012

By: Maggie Doherty

NYC-based singer/songwriter Rebecca Perl is a pop song-writing machine. As was apparent on her last EP, girlfriend just knows how to construct a catchy tune.  Musically maturing since then, however, Perl has built six new tracks on her new self-titled EP around the general theme of cautionary romance, with stronger vocals, groovier guitar licks and...jazz saxophone?

The new self-titled EP starts with "Before I Fall," a light-hearted ode to a dangerous dude. Harmonic "oohs" and chorus backups strengthen the simple, infectious melody. This one's straight out of the church of Ingrid Michaelson.

"Too Deep" switches things up right away, with a funky beat and a jazzy saxophone intro. Perl's raw falsetto on the pre-chorus is an emotional highlight. That kind of intensity definitely wasn't happening on the last EP - she's showing some serious maturity here. There's a great break-down mid track with a grooving bass line, complemented by sax riffing. She clearly knows when to back off vocally and let the craftiness and musicianship of her songwriting take form.

"The Sweetest Thing" is a finger-picky jam that showcases the prettiness in Perl's voice. As she croons "There's no way that we could fall back down/We've climbed the highest of grounds you and I" an audible hint of Michelle Branch sneaks its way in. Bonus points for the chatter at the end - it's authentically personal.

"New Love" is a subtle tribute to her "first and foremost" influence, John Mayer, with a hook the recalls his blues jam "Good Love Is On The Way." This is the most rock and roll-based track: a driving beat, cymbals and high hats are featured in the intro and choruses.

The ballad "Unfateful" is simply Perl's vocals and guitar. Timely placed as the second to last track, it's an ample opportunity for the listeners to really dissect her skills. The lyrics are determined: "If you want it go get it...Cause fate is a fake way to live." An ironic twist on "unfaithful," Perl's vocals deliver a powerful message about seizing opportunities.

Closing out with a strong rock ballad "Habit,"  (with some nice use of piano) Perl prettily packages a musically diverse, more punch-packing effort than her last EP. We'll be keeping an eye on this one - we're expecting great things from her in the future.

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